How Assistive Technology Can Help

Sight Research UK is proud to partner with Sight and Sound Technology, the leading provider of Assistive Technology, training, and support services for blind and partially sighted people throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

While we believe in the power of research to deliver transformational solutions for sight-threatening conditions in the future, we also recognise the need to live well here and now for the many people affected by low vision and blindness today.

That’s why, while we wait for research to deliver, we believe that Assistive Technology can play an important role by providing often indispensable support to blind and partially sighted people - be it at home, at school, or in the workplace.

Benefits of Assistive Technology

From simple magnifiers to screen readers, free apps, and all the way to smart eyewear that can make phone calls and help you watch TV, in this section we illustrate how Assistive Technology can help people with low vision and none navigate the day to day with greater ease and independence.

In the next few pages we present a number of case studies to illustrate just some of the helpful tools available. We have grouped them by some common conditions, but the difficulties with certain tasks are shared by other conditions, too.

It is important to note that Assistive Technology solutions are not a one-size-fits-all. Our partners Sight and Sound Technology have over 40 years’ experience in advising users in their choices, and in providing lifetime support for their devices.

Assistive Technology helps to manage tasks made difficult by low vision and blindness. Sight and Sound Technology can offer free advice on which solutions could better meet your needs. 


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