Our history

Sight Research UK began life as the National Eye Research Centre, founded in 1986 by David Easty MD FRCS, Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Bristol and Consultant Ophthalmologist at the Bristol Eye Hospital.

The charity began as a Bristol-based research centre, focusing on projects to improve treatment for corneal eye conditions, enabling the establishment of the UK’s first Corneal Transplant Service.

The charity grew out of the generosity of the many eye hospital patients in Professor Easty’s care, who were keen to support research for new treatments. As donations grew over time, we began to support research across the UK in leading ophthalmology centres within universities and hospitals, covering all eye conditions in children and adults.

Since we were founded, we have invested nearly £18 million in research projects that bring scientists ever closer to answering some of the most fundamental questions about eye health and how eye disease develops.

Sight Research UK, as we are today, is committed to turning scientific discoveries in to tangible health benefits for people at risk of sight-threatening conditions, working collectively to beat sight loss and blindness forever.

With your support, we can get there faster and create a world where no one has to face sight loss and blindness. If you are able, please donate today.  

Stop the clock on sight loss

Every 6 minutes someone in the UK receives the devastating news that they are going blind. That’s 250 people a day. 

Your gift can help to find new sight-saving solutions. 

If you can, please donate today. Thank you.