Our inherited retinal dystrophies funded research

Inherited retinal dystrophies are a group of genetic disorders such as retinitis pigmentosa, Leber congenital amaurosis, cone dystrophy, choroideremia, usher syndrome, Best disease, cone-rod dystrophy, Stargardt disease, and achromatopsia. 

They are all caused by different genetic mutations and they affect cells in the retina, the light and colour sensitive part at the back of the eye that sends visual messages to the brain so that we can see.

These are rare conditions, collectively affecting some 25,000 people in the UK, but they remain one of the main cause of blindness in people of working age. The economic and wellbeing cost of these conditions in the UK population is estimated at over £520 million.

While several clinical trials for gene therapy are currently under way, there is still no cure for any of these sight-threatening conditions. Continued investment in research is critical in order to find better solutions for patients and their families. 

Stop the clock on sight loss

Every 6 minutes someone in the UK receives the devastating news that they are going blind. That’s 250 people a day. 

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