About Jake:

  • 14-year-old KS3 Student.
  • Due to a brain tumour causing damage to the cerebellum, Jake has issues with his balance, coordination, and general orientation.
  • Jake also suffers with abnormal eye movements (Nystagmus) and blind spots.
  • Jake is interested in a variety of Sports including football and tennis. He is also the editor of the school newspaper.
  • Struggles with depth perception when picking up objects.
  • Differentiating words and basic comprehension when reading textbooks for schoolwork.

Suggested Assistive Technology solutions

There are a number of mobile apps available such as TapTapSee, a free app which uses your device‚Äôs camera and voice-over function to take a picture or video of anything and identify it out loud for you.

For more advanced solutions, please see below.

Assistive Technology helps to manage tasks made difficult by low vision and blindness. Sight and Sound Technology can offer free advice on which solutions could better meet your needs.