Envision Glasses

  • Google powered smart glasses with OCR
  • Reads printed, digital, and handwritten text
  • Scene, object, and product and facial recognition
  • Dedicated feature for video calling friends and family

Let your glasses speak to you

The new AI-powered smart glasses by Envision, empowering the blind and visually impaired to be more independent. Envision Glasses enable you to read all kinds of text from any surface in over 60 languages. The smart glasses have the fastest and the most accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR), enabling you to read street signs, handwritten cards and even your favourite book. 

Envision Glasses can describe scenes, detect colours and scan barcodes. Giving you information about what is in front of you, helping you choose the right dress and assisting you in picking the right products while shopping. Ever lost your keys or had trouble finding a trash bin? Simply scan around with your Envision Glasses and it will find what you are looking for. It can even help you find your friend in a cafĂ© or colleagues at your work. 

If you ever feel you need a bit of extra help, you can always call upon your favourite human. Envision Glasses have a dedicated feature for video calling friends and family. You can also choose to share contextual information, such as your location on a map, so they can help you in difficult situations. With the Envision Glasses you will always know your way around.

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