About Simon:

  • He is 36-year-old and works for an insurance firm.
  • He is a keen Musician. He composes and edits music using computer software.
  • He Was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa a few years ago and has been progressively losing his sight.

Tasks Simon struggles with:

  • Works on a variety of spreadsheets, documents, and PDF’s as part of his role but can no longer see them as clearly as before.
  • He now struggles to follow his passion for music composition, where using the software has become too difficult.

Suggested Assistive Technology solutions

Some people with glaucoma will experience similar loss of peripheral vision as those affected by retinitis pigmentosa, and therefore struggle with similar tasks. 

There are a number of mobile apps available to assist with text-to-speech conversion such as NaturalReader or Voxmate

For more advanced solutions, please see below.

Assistive Technology helps to manage tasks made difficult by low vision and blindness. Sight and Sound Technology can offer free advice on which solutions could better meet your needs.