Having an eye test

What is an eye test?

An eye test is carried out by an optician to assess your vision and eye health. It is made up of a series of tests where your eyes will be examined externally and internally.

How often should I have an eye test?

Even if you don’t have any concerns about your eyes, you should get your eyes tested at least every two years as an adult, and every year as a child.

If you have an eye condition or other health problem, have a family history of eye conditions or are over the age of 40, you may need an eye test more often. Speak with your optician to find out how often you should get your eyes tested.

If you ever think something has changed with your vision at any point, make an appointment for an eye test as soon as possible.

Why should I have an eye test?

It is very important that you have regular eye tests, not only to see if your vision can be improved with glasses or whether you need to change your prescription, but also to check for any signs of eye conditions, which often become more likely as you get older. With many eye conditions, the amount of your sight that can be preserved or restored increases with how quickly the condition is diagnosed and treated.

Regular eye checks could save your sight

What happens in an eye test

History and symptoms

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At the start of your eye test, your optician will ask you some questions about your general health, any medication you are taking, any issues you have noticed with your eyes or vision, any past treatments you have had for your eyes and any history of eye conditions in your family.

The tests

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The tests carried out by your optician may vary. See our Common eye tests page for information on some of the tests you may have during your appointment.