Supporting Someone With Keratoconus

Most people with keratoconus are able to retain a good level of vision with the right treatment, but being diagnosed with an eye condition can be frightening, and for those who require a corneal transplant, it can take a while for vision to be restored. 

Below are a few things to keep in mind when supporting someone with keratoconus.

Talk about it

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Talk to your loved one about their condition and how they are feeling. Discuss important questions to ask their ophthalmologist and whether they would like you to go with them to appointments. It can be overwhelming to begin with and having someone there to make notes can be helpful.

Get help

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Help your loved one to access support services which will help them manage their condition. Their GP, Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO), social services, service charities like RNIB, and local support groups may all be able to provide information, resources and support.

Make sure they are safe to drive

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Discuss with your loved one and their ophthalmologist if they are safe to continue driving and if they need to inform the DVLA about their condition. This is never an easy conversation to have but is very important.

Find out how Assistive Technology helps to manage tasks made difficult by low vision and blindness.