World Sight Day 2023 with Sight Research UK

Join us on 12 October 2023 as we spotlight the urgent need for eye research. This World Sight Day, we're taking action to #BridgeTheGap between the increasing need for eye health knowledge and the chronic underfunding in research.

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The Growing Gap in Eye Health

By 2050, it's projected that 4 million people will be affected by sight loss. This alarming statistic reflects the rise in age-related eye diseases and the chronic underfunding in eye research. World Sight Day emphasises that 82% of those registered as blind in the UK lost their sight due to eye disease.

Our Singular Focus on Eye Research

Sight Research UK was founded to address the significant funding gap in eye research. We focus on rigorous and impactful research, ensuring unbiased and comprehensive findings. Our grants empower scientists to explore solutions for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, making real-world impacts that improve lives.

Get Involved This World Sight Day

Join us in driving change. Through our direct links to leading researchers, we translate complex scientific findings into digestible content. Available in particular though our mailing list, we offer exciting updates from the researchers we fund, curated highlights of eyesight news, and advice to help patients, carers and friends navigate sight loss. Be part of our mission to improve the future for those with sight loss and eye disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is sight loss in the UK expected to rise to 4 million by 2050 with an aging population?

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The projection of 4 million people affected by sight loss by 2050 is primarily due to our large ageing population. Age-related conditions such as Cataracts and AMD become more prevalent with age. For instance, by age 90, 1 in 5 individuals have AMD. While ageing naturally impacts our sight, it's a myth to consider sight loss as inevitable. Research shows that proactive measures, such as maintaining a vitamin-rich diet, can positively influence our eye health and potentially delay or prevent certain eye conditions.

What key stats does Sight Research UK highlight on World Sight Day for funding needs?

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Sight Research UK emphasizes that, despite old age being a key determinant for blinding diseases, over 400,000 UK residents between ages 18-64 and 25,000 children under 14 experience sight-loss. The economic impact is significant, with the UK spending £25 billion annually on sight-impairment. Yet, eye research receives only 1.5% of medical research funding. If we could reduce AMD prevalence by just 1% each year, we could save the economy £1.2 billion by 2050. These statistics underscore the urgent need for increased funding in eye research.

How does Sight Research UK's focus differ from other eye health charities?

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Sight Research UK stands out as the only UK charity exclusively dedicated to combating sight loss through comprehensive research into all eye conditions. We pride ourselves on our unbiased approach, not favouring any specific disease or institution. While many charities provide community support, our unique role complements theirs by guiding individuals towards the answers and resources they critically need. Our commitment is to rigorous, impactful research that can bring about real change in the field of eye health.

How does Sight Research UK's translational research create real-world impacts?

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Sight Research UK places a strong emphasis on translational research, which is the bridge between laboratory discoveries and their application in clinical settings. By funding research at this critical stage, we ensure that we're supporting the most promising solutions for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of eye diseases. This approach not only accelerates the timeline from bench to bedside but also ensures that the research we back has tangible, real-world impacts that can improve the lives of those affected by eye conditions.

How can I engage with Sight Research UK on World Sight Day 2023?

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Engaging with Sight Research UK on World Sight Day 2023 is easy and impactful. By subscribing to our mailing list, you can access up-to-date information on ongoing research, eye health tips, and even opportunities to be part of clinical trials. We aim to provide a platform where anyone, whether a patient, carer, or just someone interested in eye health, can find valuable resources and ways to actively contribute to the fight against sight loss.