Foreign coins FAQs

Do you send coin collection boxes and organise return from outside the UK?

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Unfortunately, we are not able to do so at present.

How are funds raised from foreign coins?

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Sight Research UK is able to accept donations of foreign coins by working with our partner, Xchange Master, who convert foreign coin donations into usable funds. 

There is no cost to you, nor to us – you can order pre-paid collection boxes here.

Coins and pre-euro banknotes cannot be redeemed in the UK, so to most people they are worthless, but Xchange Master are able to turn these in to funds for Sight Research UK.

What types of coins do you accept?

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We can recycle old British decimal coins (the heavy ones!), all foreign bank notes (no matter how old), all foreign coins, and Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey currencies. 

We are not able to recycle old British pre-decimal pennies, gaming tokens or transport tokens.

How do I send my foreign coins?

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If you have more than 3 kg of coins you can arrange a courier collection form your workplace, or drop them off to a DPD collection point, Hermes parcel shop, or UPS access point, using our pre-paid collection boxes – request your materials here.

Do I need to prepare my coins in a certain way?

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There is no need to sort the coins and please do not take out any coins you think look interesting or might be valuable. In both cases you may be right but our coin recycling partner will pick up anything that’s out of the ordinary and make sure that we get the maximum value from any such items. Please also do not take out euro coins. 

With your collection box you will also be sent coin bags, bubble wrap and adhesive tape. When you are ready to return your coins, please fill up the coin bags as tightly as you can. Then use the adhesive tape to wrap around them tightly so they are ‘solid’ and do not rattle in the bag. Wrap a layer of bubble wrap around each bag, securing it with tape, line the box with bubble wrap and pack the coin bags in as tightly as possible. Try to make sure that there is bubble wrap around the inside walls of the box and use it to fill in any spaces. Make sure you include the tear off slip provided before closing the box, making sure the flaps are tucked in to the side slots. Take the closed box and tape the bottom of the closing flap to the bottom of the box with several strips of tape as it can be heavy. Lastly, use the tape to wrap around the box three or four times so that all sides are closed and secured. This will make sure the box does not come apart in transit.

I would like to collect foreign coins at my workplace/ school/ community group/ club – can you provide materials to help?

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Yes we can, and it’s all free of charge. You can put up posters around the office or building to tell others about your foreign coin collection. You can download a stamp appeal poster at the bottom of this page. 

We can provide collection boxes to put in your reception area, kitchen or communal space to use as a central collection point. When they are full, you can send the box in to our partner, Xchange Master. 

Order your collection box here.

Encouraging your work colleagues, faith communities, schools, friends, family and neighbours to send in their foreign coins is a great way to support eye research – thank you so much!

How does Sight Research UK use the funds raised from stamps?

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Sight Research UK funds research teams across the UK to investigate the causes of eye disease and develop new prevention and treatment methods for both adults and children. 

See our What we do page for more information.

Foreign coins collection poster

No downloads currently available.

Together we can beat sight loss faster.

Thank you so much for your support.