Virtual fundraising

Right now, we aren’t able to do a lot of the things we would normally. Especially things which involve meeting other people, as is the case for many traditional fundraising events.

Things will get back to normal, and we will be able to raise a cup of tea over a piece of Victoria sponge once more, but in the meantime there are still lots of ways you can raise funds for sight research. Here are a few to get you started:

Take on a virtual challenge

While lots of organised challenge events are not being held right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t take on your own challenge to raise funds.

If you’re feeling sporty you could decide to walk/run/cycle/rollerblade(!) a set distance in one go, or over a day, a week, a month – however long you wish! Or you could ask people to sponsor your steps and see how much you can raise by getting active. You could challenge your friends to do the same and raise money as a team.

Challenges don’t just have to be sporty, you could give up something you love for a month, do an activity over a 24 hour period or liven up your video calls to friends and family by modelling wacky isolation hairstyles.

Virtual quiz night

Organise a quiz with friends and family over a video call and have a prize for the winning team. Re-vamp your quiz with fun and unusual rounds like:

  • A film or book round where participants have to guess the title from a picture or video of you acting it out.
  • A  music round where participants have to guess the song from an unusual rendition. (e.g. Rock a Bye Baby lullabies renditions of famous pop and rock songs or you playing the songs on a kazoo).
  • A Guess Who? round where you take comments from participants’ social media pages over the years and they have to guess who said what.
  • A scavenger hunt, in which participants have to find an item you list from around their house and the first back with it on screen gets a point.

Virtual board games night

Lots of board games can be played over video calls and some have online versions you can use (we particularly like Codenames!). So round up your most competitive friends to crown the ultimate board game champion.

Virtual bake-off

Set a challenge for your friends and family for who can create the most impressively decorated cake. Have people make a donation to enter and get whisking, and who gets to eat that delicious cake is entirely up to you!

Virtual talent show

Host a talent show online for people to show off their skills. Whether it’s singing, dancing or playing the spoons, this will provide a great night of entertainment and raise much needed funds for sight research.

Host a virtual class

Have you got a skill you could teach people over a video call? Whether you’re a master cook, artist, fitness instructor or meditator, you could run a class or workshop online to raise funds.

Host a virtual club

It could be anything from a book or film club or to a craft club or online choir. Anything that brings people together at the moment gets a big yes from us!